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Do you struggle with procrastination and perfectionism?

Free Audio: A potent blend of guided meditation and healing energetics

Aligned & Empowered

For passionate, purpose-driven women, seeking a deeper connection to all that they are, in life and business.

Using a unique combination of coaching, mindset and energetics, spiritual mentoring and healing, this powerful, 6 month 1:1 programme will guide you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, for lasting transformation on the inside and greater results on the outside.


Understand your inner strengths and abilities; your soul purpose, vision and values; your individual needs and desires.

Discover and expand your intuitive skills, so you’ll always have your inner guidance system to lead you to all that you want and are here to be and do.


Notice the impact all of this has on your everyday life and work, the aligned actions you’ll feel motivated to take.  Feel the positive ripples in your health, relationships and your overall happiness and understand how by operating in alignment with what’s true for you, everything becomes so much easier.  You’re in flow.  Opportunities appear.  The right people come into your life at the right time.  Your head feels clearer, your emotions become more stable and decisions are easier to make.

What’s Included in the Aligned & Empowered Programme:

» 6 months of 1:1 private coaching with me

» A 2hr Deep-Dive to kick-start your amazing journey

» 10 x 60min sessions each fortnight where you’ll be supported, guided and championed to achieve your vision and goals

» A 2hr wrap up and celebrate session

» A DISC Personality & Behaviour Profile online assessment

» Fortnightly 10 min check-ins via Whatsapp to help answer any questions and keep you on track in between your main sessions.

Investment: £1,999

Hear from some happy 121 coaching clients:

SME owner Laura describes how working with Katie on a 1:1 coaching programme empowered her to change her business focus to doing only what she loves and is now thriving in.

With Katie’s help, you will get some amazing results in your life!  I knew I had a specific purpose in this life-time but needed help to identify what that was.  Needless to say I got more than I was expecting.  I know exactly what my purpose is for my business in helping others. Without Katie helping me to connect and translate between the physical and non-physical world I would have been left drifting in this lifetime, knowing I was always meant to be doing more.  So if you feel you have a purpose in life, or at a cross-roads, get Katie onboard.

Karen Peters

Cognomovement & Client Attraction Coach

I was at a crossroads in my professional life and I wasn’t sure which path to take. Katie helped me to identify my values and motivations which in turn greatly helped me to better evaluate the opportunities in front of me. This has given me the confidence I needed to take the next step and start a new job. I would recommend Katie to anyone who is lacking direction and/or needing a bit more clarity or confidence to make a career change. 

Helen Handley

Devon, UK

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