Do you struggle with procrastination and perfectionism?

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Hi I’m Katie!

“Eternally fascinated by the infinite potential of humans. Passionate about helping you to connect to yours and realise it in a way that lights and fires you up!”

Lover of the sun, sea, travel and laughter!

Proud mum to an incredible son.

Enthusiastic about connecting with others and experiencing all that life has to offer!

I’ve always been fascinated by people; curious as to what makes us ‘tick’ and how we can get the best out of ourselves.  I think I was always destined to be a coach!

 I’d worked in the corporate world for 20 years, in the fields of HR, IT and project/change management and, being a naturally driven person, I always strived to do my best, working long hours and putting 110% into everything.  But as much as I loved my work and enjoyed the variety and challenges it provided, some of those traits, including being a perfectionist and people-pleaser, started taking their toll on me.

 I also felt that something was missing.  I was successful at what I did and yet I didn’t feel fulfilled.

 As a single parent for the last few years of my corporate career, I became the breadwinner and main ‘carer’, whilst working in a senior management role and wanting to be there for my young son as much as possible, too.

 The pressure was immense.

 And so, when I was made redundant due to the global crash, it felt like a huge relief.

 Things had to change.

 So, I fast-tracked completing the hypnotherapy diploma I was studying and was already qualified in various complementary therapies, so I set up my own practice and was operating within 6 weeks.  The problem was, I took the same problems with me and went 110% into the ‘new job’, as well as taking on a regional franchise of a national networking organisation for women, which I also loved, but it meant I’d simply replaced the old pressures with new ones!

 Gradually, I burned out.

 I was trying to keep too many plates spinning; not wanting to let anyone down.  A tough lesson to learn that ultimately the one person I let down the most was the one who should have mattered most – me; because if I’m not able to function, then I can’t be there for anyone else, either.

 I ended up crashing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and various other symptoms, and finally was forced to re-evaluate everything.

During 2020/21, something pivotal happened!

I went through a guided spiritual awakening.

It had a hugely positive impact on me!

I was able to finally heal all the health challenges I’d been experiencing.

It enabled me to further develop my energetic capabilities

And now that I’ve  overcome the limitations I was experiencing, I love sharing this gift with others.

We are all unique individuals,
with our own sets of strengths, skills, values, personality traits… and challenges!

Yet so many of us just do things the way others do them. The way we’re told is ‘the way’.

But, there’s no ‘one size fits all’

When we work in alignment with all our individual traits, connecting with ourselves at a deeper level,
to truly understand our multi-faceted, authentic self and all that we’re capable of

We can be so much more than we ever dared imagine…and do so with ease and flow!

If you’re ready to:

» Understand yourself more deeply than you’ve ever known before

» Feel fulfilled and free of limitations

» Have a clear sense of purpose

» Achieve all that you desire, in a way that’s aligned and easy

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat about the best way for me to help you.