Client Testimonial of Energy Healing for ME

A year ago I needed support to live… I am now able to manage my day to day life independently…

When I heard from a mutual acquaintance that Katie had cured herself of ME & fibromyalgia, I knew I had to connect with her.

At the time (June 2021), I was just beginning to come out of a 10 month relapse. I was beginning to feel better in myself but was unable to increase physical activity without another crash. I was in a boom & bust cycle.

I needed more rest than I could do activity; I needed someone to do my shopping, change my bed, cook for me on some days & sometimes I was too poorly to even shower.

I had no idea what to expect from our zoom session but I was open to trying anything & found Katie to be very warm and she instantly put me at ease.

In the past, I have had reiki, spiritual healing and reflexology, which all helped make me feel a bit better & were lovely treatments to receive, but I remained stuck in terms of what I could physically do. Most days I was house bound & some days I was bed bound so I guess I had moderate to severe ME.

I feel like a different person!


When working with Katie, I made myself comfortable and Katie set to work. To this day, I don’t know what she actually does & I had some weird sensations in my body while she was working but over the next few days & weeks, I found myself being less fatigued and able to do more.

In all, I think I’ve had about 6 healing sessions with Katie & a year on I feel like a different person.  I’m still a work in progress in terms of where I’d eventually like to be but I now feel well & as anyone who has ME will know, when you feel poorly, you feel like you’ve been hit by a bulldozer, like you’ve got flu, are wearing a suit made of lead & have the mother of all hangovers all at the same time. So when I say I feel well, I don’t say this lightly…it’s massive.

The balance of rest and activity I needed has steadily shifted from being more rest than activity in the beginning, to being equal, to today where I’m generally having more activity than rest.

I am now able to work 3 days a week from home & enjoy social activities when I’m not working. Rest, down time & meditation are still my medicine but I am now able to sleep, have refreshing sleep AND most importantly, if I’m tired in the evening, I recover with rest like a normal healthy person.

A year ago I needed support to live & I am now able to manage my day to day life independently…work part time from home, go shopping, cook, clean, change my bed & shower every day & most importantly I can do this without a relapse.

So bearing in mind how far I have come in a year, I am hopeful that in time I will be able to walk for pleasure and partake in sports again.

I can’t recommend working with Katie enough; she has changed my life.

Lynn T, Essex

Written by Katie Farrell



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