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Helping purpose-driven women to be more
and create the impact they desire,
without it costing more of themselves!

The Human Potential Coach

Helping purpose-driven, high-achievers to
be more, without it costing more of themselves!

You know, deep down, you’re here for more.

More Success. More Fulfilment. More Freedom.

» You know there’s so much more potential within you.

» More you want to share with the world.

» More impact to create!

You want to be the best that you can be: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Yet you don’t know how to do it without burning out, or sacrificing what you’ve already achieved. The time, commitment, and effort you’ve put in for years have got you to where you are today.  Yet something’s changed.

    You may be feeling:

    » Stuck. Wanting something else but not knowing what that is, or how to move forward.

    » Overwhelmed from all the effort you’re putting in yet not seeing the results you want.

    » Afraid of making the wrong choice and losing what’s important to you.

    Hi I’m Katie,

    I completely understand.

    I was there once, too.  Knowing I had more to give, but burnt out from the effort it had taken to gain the success I’d already achieved.

    Feeling like something wasn’t quite right.  Something was missing. But what was it and how did I get it?

    Then I found the answer and I want to share it with you, too!

    Imagine being able to connect to a deeper understanding of all that you are. Being able to see your full potential and what you came here to do. And knowing how to fulfill it in a way that feels good, without the fear of burning out or sacrificing what’s important to you

    To perform at your best: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

    You’re ready for a new way of working.

    A new way of being.

    A new way of achieving success.

    Performance Energetics:

    The missing piece to your success.

    Do it your way, aligned to your truth and all that you are.

    Using my unique and proven Success Redefined Framework and Performance Energetics techniques, I help you to create deep, powerful and long-lasting transformation on the inside so you can produce the performance and results you want on the outside.

    Redefine Success

    “I’m eternally fascinated by the infinite potential of humans. Passionate about helping you to connect to yours and realise it in a way that lights and fires you up!” ~ Katie Farrell

    Success Redefined Framework

    Mental Transformation – Rewire your mind for success!

    Powerful techniques to rewire old conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind programmes that have been preventing you from being all you know you can be.  From that destructive inner critic, the Imposter Syndrome or brain fog, transform your mind into a clear-thinking, decision-making powerhouse, enabling you to know what you want and how to get it, taking action on your goals with clarity and confidence.

    Emotional Transformation – Take back control and step into your power!

    Humans are driven by our emotions. Yet the challenges we face daily, from rollercoaster hormones to leadership challenges and the conflicting demands of our work and personal lives, can severely impact our emotions and ultimately, our relationships.  Reclaim your sense of self, step into your power and establish solid boundaries so you can enjoy healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, loved ones and, most importantly, yourself.

    Physical Transformation – So you can perform at your best!

    Whether dealing with symptoms of stress, hormonal imbalances, or chronic illness, or recovering from injury, transform your health, energy and performance through potent Performance Energetics techniques that enable you to heal rapidly at a cellular level, optimising all your resources and empowering you to perform at your best – at work, in sport, at life!

    Spiritual Transformation – Reconnect to all that you are!

    When we connect with ourselves on a deep, soul level, we start to appreciate all that we are.  All that we have to offer the world and what we came here to be and do.  We feel a greater sense of purpose, of belonging, and a deeper connection to the world around us.  We’re empowered to show up as our best selves, to shine our light and allow those we’re meant to serve to also be their best selves.  Allow me to help you re-discover all that you are and shine your light in the world!


    Performance Energetics

    The missing piece; it’s a game-changer

    When it comes to high performance, the critical piece that’s usually missing is Energetics, or energy work. Everything is energy, from our emotions to our sense of wellbeing, to our ability to move forward and keep going for our dreams, even when we get knocked back.

    Our energy feels depleted when we strive for success that’s not aligned to what we really want and how we want it, whether in work, finances, sport or relationships. Success isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ and trying to achieve it by following someone else’s blueprint, often leads to poor results or burnout.

    When you align to your own unique truth and purpose, and work with your energy, not against it, that’s where the magic happens!

    Use these potent Performance Energetics to tap into your inner strength and abilities, raise your energy vibration and fulfill your potential!

    How can we work together?

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    Client Success Stories

    Katie has been helping with my energy since I had covid in the summer.  She is kind, patient and helpful and most importantly meets you where you are at with things and takes it from there.  I have experienced coaching and mentoring over the years both in corporate life and when I retrained as a practitioner and coach myself, but Katie is the first coach who has really understood me and respected my map of the world.   Thank you so much Katie, your energy healing has exceeded my expectations and your help has made such a difference to me in the last few months.

    Holly Blenkinsopp


    Katie has a very intuitive approach. She had a good understanding of my business and team within a couple of sessions.  I have used her for personal business coaching and also team coaching. She asked probing questions when needed and managed to facilitate really useful team sessions which have brought noticeable positive shifts to the business. Whilst I initially engaged her pre-lockdown she was agile enough to adapt to my changing needs during lockdown including managing a 100% remote working team and recruitment.  I have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent facilitator and a genuine catalyst for change and improvement.

    Christina Makhoul

    M2 Chartered Accountant

    With Katie’s help, you will get some amazing results in your life!  I knew I had a specific purpose in this life-time but needed help to identify what that was.  Needless to say I got more than I was expecting.  I know exactly what my purpose is for my business in helping others. Without Katie helping me to connect and translate between the physical and non-physical world I would have been left drifting in this lifetime, knowing I was always meant to be doing more.  So if you feel you have a purpose in life, or at a cross-roads, get Katie onboard.

    Karen Peters

    Cognomovement & Client Attraction Coach

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