Soul-Aligned Strategy Sessions

Do you struggle with procrastination and perfectionism?

Free Audio: A potent blend of guided meditation and healing energetics

From confusion to clarity and ready to take aligned action!

Perfect for when you have a head full of ideas/problems/worries and you can’t see the wood for the trees, nor make a meaningful decision, without worrying if you’re making the wrong one from such a confused place!

Similar to a brainstorming session, but so much more potent!

As humans, we can get far too wrapped up in our heads, trying to think our way out of problems or into making important decisions.  Yet our minds work based on the past; their primary role is to keep us safe from danger and to make life as easy as possible for ourselves – i.e. operating within our comfort zones and doing what we’ve always done, regardless of the outcomes.

“We cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

So, if you want to uplevel, get creative, break into uncharted territories, and operate at a higher level of performance, you’re going to need to get out of your head and into your unique, creative powerhouse – your authentic self; the part of you that knows your potential, your innate capabilities and what’s right for you – and that’s your soul!

Allow me to guide you through getting your ideas/challenges/concerns out of your head, connecting to your soul and gaining the clarity of what is right for you.  You’ll leave feeling empowered to take action that’s aligned to your unique purpose and truth.  Once you know how good this feels and can see the results of taking action in this way, you’ll never go back to purely brainstorming!

I recently had a Soul-Aligned Strategy session with Katie where she helped me enormously to understand some negativity I was feeling, in the session I felt as though she could almost read my mind! She works so intuitively that I felt she completely understood where I was at which was so reassuring. By the end of the session she had given me so much insight and clarity and helped me to move beyond the issues I was having. I seriously think Katie is incredible at what she does, and anyone working with her will be very fortunate indeed.

Mel England

Web Designer + Digital Marketer