Testimonial from a GB Age-Group Sprint Triathlete

I was told by the medical world they couldn’t do anything to help me.

I am a GB age group sprint triathlete who has been suffering from various injuries over the last 18 months.  After seeing four different consultants and encountering numerous procedures, local and general anaesthetics, I was told by the medical world they couldn’t do anything to help me. In their opinion it was possible that my injuries were due to an autoimmune response from having three covid vaccines. Basically the myelin sheath that protects the nerve in my left leg had been eaten away and it would take around 2 years from my last vaccine for it to repair itself.

As a triathlete I wanted to give myself the best chance to continue to compete for the GB squad.

Whilst I wouldn’t be injury free, I wanted to experiment with a more holistic approach to see if this method could have any positive effect not just on my physical health but also mental well-being.

This is where Katie, ‘The Human Potential Coach’ comes in. We have been working together for a couple of months. During our sessions she encourages me to lie down in a comfortable position so she can start to work on me, and the beauty being she can do it remotely.

Katie connects with me on an energetic level by encouraging my body to release, let go and invite the power of healing to flow through me. The experience is one of deep relaxation, the deepest I have ever come across, it feels like I am melting into a state of unconsciousness, yet I am still aware of the healing and the power it is having on my physical and mental state.

The treatment feels like a complete reset and I come away feeling completely de-stressed, positive and happy. So far Katie has managed to heal a knee injury which flares up now and again, she is working on the myelin sheath and is helping my body to re balance and boost my immunity.

After just 1 session, I was able to endure my toughest 2 weeks of training so far this year without my knee injury flaring up!

Her wisdom, gentleness and calm has a really positive effect on me and I feel very lucky to have found her magical powers. Katie is attentive and supportive, I would recommend her whole heartedly.  I am racing at the weekend and I will be taking her energetic and healing powers with me!

Thank you Katie for all you are doing to help me!!


Nichola Shuttle
GB Age-Group Sprint Triathlete

Written by Katie Farrell



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